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Information on Advantages

Advantages are special statuses either granted by a moderator, given to a character for donating off weeks to being a moderator, or bought when a character either dies with avaliable experience or opts to restart as a genin. *Everything in this category is subject to a moderators approval. Generaly the moderator will not give you an answer until all the moderators have had a chance to talk about it.*

Relational Advantages

Ally:  If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as allies. At the end of an incursion, the two allies compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and given to the member of the two with the lesser victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable between the two parties.

If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as rivals. At the end of an incursion, the two rivals compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and give to the member of the two who has more victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable experience between the two parties.

Other Advantages

Rightful Heirloom: Either through the will of a family member, belonging to an organization with a vested interest, dumb luck or more dubious means you're destined to get your hands on a unique peice of equipment that normal nin only have wet dreams about. This peice of equipment can be armor or a weapon, and is customizable based on the traits below. It's cost and the time you will get it are determined by what combination of stats and special properties are chosen. See below. Rightful Heirloom is akin to betting AE on your character surviving and succeeding to a certain point in his Nin career. If a weapon does not have it's damage or it's bleed increased, it still has a rating of 1 in each. Armor still has a rating of 1 without it being purchased specifically. All other aspects have parameters of their normal counterparts, such as the amount of force it takes to destroy them.

   Damage: Requires Rightful Heirloom chosen to be a weapon. Just as it sounds, the damage of the weapon is raised with this aspect. The cost is the weapons damage. So if a weapon is given 2 damage with Rightful Heirloom then it's cost is 2. A weapon can only have a maximum of 10 damage. The damage of the weapon reflects on it's size, a larger damage rating is a larger weapon.

   Bleed: Must be a weapon. Again, just as it sounds, this aspect raises the bleed rating of the weapon in question. The cost is the weapons bleed rating, see above. A weapon can only have a maximum of 10 Bleed. A weapon with more bleed might be serated or have hooks on it. The higher the rating, the more vicious the weapon.

   Armor: Requires a peice of armor. This aspect raises the amount of Armor this item provides. The cost is the armor rating, see above. Armor can only have a maximum of 10. Due to the nature of armor, it levies a -# on Cleverness Camoflauge tests equal to half it's total rating rounded down. The higher the rating of the armor, the more solid and larger the armor is.

   Muffling: Requires a peice of Armor. This aspect lowers the detriment to Cleverness Camoflauge tests. Each level of muffling purchased makes the armor more vulnerable to one elemental type of chakra. This type is chosen at purchase, and provides a detrminet of armor equal to it's muffling rating. Armor with a muffling rating will have raised shoulders and strange patterning.

   Chi Reactive: This armor or weapon reacts to Elemental Chi. Different types of Elements provide different bonuses to armor or to weapons. Fire may do more damage, while wind may do more bleed. Earth may provide more armor rating while Wood might punish anyone who tries to grapple or strike you with their hands. The exact nature of each of the chiand their bonus to armor or weapons that are chi reactive will be revealed when more Chuunin are around. Chi Reactive has a cost of 5 and gives the item a strange sheen.

   Exclusive: This weapon or Armor can only be used by it's rightful owner. If anyone else attempts to use it, it will heat up or provide an electric shock, or some other defensive mechanism that will prevent unwanted use. Exclusive has a cost of 5.

   Indestructible: This particular weapon or armor cannot be destroyed by normal means. It can be knocked from it's owner or stolen, but never destroyed. Indestructible has a cost of 15.

Cost: In order to calculate the total AE cost of a Rightful Heirloom you add up it's total cost first. If a weapon has a damage of 2 and bleed of 3, it's cost is 5. Next, the cost is multiplied by 200. So the above example would cost 1000 AE. A weapon with 5 damage, 5 bleed and Chi Reactive would have a cost of 15, and cost 3000 AE. A weapon with a damge of 10, bleed of 10, chi reactive and Exclusive and Indestructible would cost 9000 AE and 1 Jounin-S experience. Dream big kids.

Time Received: The item purchased this way will be received at a time that depends on it's cost. An item that has a Cost of 5 or less can be received after the user has successfully completed the second test of the Chuunin exam (after the entire chuunin exam is resolved of course). One of a cost of more than 5 but less than 11 will be received upon being named a chuunin. One of 11 to 15 Cost would be received after surviving the Jounin Exam while a cost of higher than that would not be received until the user is named a Jounin.

Premium Items

The following items are gained through specific means. Generally, this will be a reward for a member drive/other drive. However there are likely to be other circumstances. Part of the benefit of this system is that all of the following 'bind' to the user account. Meaning, even if you die you'll keep the equipment/jutsu with the next character, even if the equipment was broken in the last iteration. Be warned, Ninjutsu that require a specific element type will force the character to be of that element type. Such Ninjutsu can be chosen not to be used at character recreation to give the user a chance to get a different element type.


What's the advantage to starting with equipment?

Many villages require Chuunin to acquire certain peices of the following equipment, or are not avaliable at all.

Tanto - +2 Damage, 1 Bleed

Either through luck, a benefactor or more dubious means, the character has managed to get his hands on one of the Weapons used specifically by shinobi. Unlike the swords commonly used by bandits, this Tanto is not brittle and it's sized to not be as cumbersome when moving around, thus negating the -1 camo modifier most common swords possess.

Extra Pack - Must choose open or Missile before mission.

Many of our players have complained about the limit for the number of packs. Mostly this is due to the fact that we only see more experienced nin (chuunin or jounin) with more than 3 packs. As such, it's rare for a genin to have access to one. This functions like a pack in all the normal ways except for the fact that it stacks with the normal allowance for packs.

Tonfa - 1 Damage, 2 Armor against Taijutsu and Kenjutsu attacks

A pair of wooden Tonfa. These weapons have no bleed but are often used to block. While wielding Tonfa one cannot ready a Kunai or use a Jutsu that requires hand seals. These weapons are relient on Kenjutsu to be used.

Wood Plank Armor - 2 Armor, -1 to cleverness camoflauge rolls.

A set of wooden planks that lay across the stomache chest and back. This armor can clank while moving, making it more difficult for the bearer to stay hidden while wearing it. This armor does not stack with Wire Mesh armor.


The requirements for a ninjutsu must be met before the Jutsu can be used. However, it does not need to be purchased, and if the Jutsu requires a skill not avaliable to Genin, they can learn only the required skills.

(Example: Embers requires Elemental Chakra (Fire) 1, but would be much more effective with Elemental Chakra (Fire) 2. However, Genin possessing ember can only learn the first level until they attain Chuunin.)

Mirror Walk - D - Rank Jutsu, Seals 3, Molding 3, Intelligence 3

An advanced camoflauge Jutsu that coats the users body, hair and clothes with a color changing coating of chakra. The user benefits as if he had a camo blanket at a rating of the victories on the activation roll multiplied by the chakra spent. Any turn in which the user moves halves this benefit, and taking any aggressive action releases the Jutsu. The user can only benefit of a camoflauge rating up to the rating of the terrain. The user must spend at least one chakra to activate, as per normal. (Example: Hiroku rolls 2 victories on the activation of Mirror walk and spends 2 chakra. He has four automatic victories of camoflauge in a Forest rating of 4. Hiroku moves into a Forest terrain of 3, and can only benefit from 3 automatic victories even if he isn't moving due to the rating of the terrain.)

Ember - D - Rank Jutsu, Elemental (fire) 1, Molding 5, Seals 5

More of a training on how to use fire chakra than an attack in itself, but has often proven itself useful in a fight to aspiring Nin. Upon activation, a small amount of nearby brush is lit and controlled in a slow burn that moves around the target, hindering their movement or burning them in the process. This jutsu can only be used in Forest, Tall Grass, Civic or Field terrains unless the user carries Brush (hold 5) which can be gathered by taking an automatic action in any of the above terrains. This jutsu requires two fire chakra to be spent to activate, for each two additional fire chakra spent the damage increases by 1 per turn. Victories on the roll determine the length of the Jutsu. For each turn a target is effected by ember he can choose to either take 1 fire damage, or lose an equal amount of evade. If the user cannot produce enough Elemental (Fire) Chakra in one turn, he can opt to spend it activate this jutsu over two turns, where the detriment of using jutsu to their evade is applied to both turns in which it's being activated.