Shinobi Tactics

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The Alpha Test

In order for Shinobi Tactics to support many members and teams as slots become available, it becomes necessary for us to test the system. The alpha test gives us a chance to test real mission conditions, develop new systems and test already developed ones to see if they're fair. If you'd like to be a part of this test, see below.


The best way to join the Alpha Test is to go to the forum on the site (check the list to your left at the bottom) and go to alpha test under advanced. After you sign up a moderator will likely send you a brief questionare and some information about forming teams. Currently there are no Chuunin to lead genin squads so these squads will be led by the moderator until Chuunin are available.


The mods may or may not consider different qualifications for being an alpha tester depending on our needs. However, you will need access to either AIM or IRC, preferably IRC. Training tends to take 1 hour, while a mission will be between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how important it is. Most of our moderators are on an EST Based timeframe. We are willing to make some accomodations for people who are outside that time range but we cannot gurantee that we'll be able to put a team together. If you'd like to play and you're on a very different timezone, feel free to contact a moderator. It may be that we have people waiting from that timezone already. As a special consideration, if you want to play on ST but can't due to timezone, we'll be likely to make special considerations for people who can make a team of 3 when they signup (by getting two of your friends to sign up at the same time).

Advantages of being an Alpha Tester

Why be an Alpha tester? Well there are several reasons:

First, Alpha testers are the first to see the game. They get full access to play before the system is even released. Alpha testers help develop and create new systems. So if you'd like to have a say in what goes into the final version of the game, sign up.

Hints, tips and first looks at the Chuunin Exam. Yes that's right, not only are we going to have a chuunin exam, but it's actualy going to be difficult.

Alpha testers will get a stipen of experience to start the actual game. This will put you ahead of the rest. Some Alpha testers may even be able to start the game as Chuunin, and if you particularly help or impress us, Jounin. Being ahead of the game will give you first access to new features we release later, such as advantages or equipment.