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History of the Gin Shinobi

When six of the Seven Cities had finally banded together against the Village in the Akaishi, it was the Soldiers of the City of Gin who shined the brightest in the fight. High explosives, repeating crossbows and unparalleled body armor all contributed to the lowest casualty count among the Gin Soldiers. It was the first time soldiers from all parts of the land had been in one place to compare skills. Needless to say, the other countries became warry of such a rising power. In fact, they became so fearful of the vast economic and military might of the City of Gin that none challenged them when they claimed the title Capital City, Gin many years later.

At least, they didn't challenge it openly. It was around this time that many of the budding Shinobi Villages had begun to be discovered around the land. Contracts were taken out and deals were made by jealous governments looking for a pre-emptive counterattack strategy. That was when Gin began to fall. It was subtle enough at first, an inventer would disappear while working on a project. A city official would wake in the night to hear strange noises at his window. But when the local prefects body turned up in the river, full of Kunai, it was clear. This was war. At first the Gin Soldiers throught the Akaishi Shinobi had returned. However when varying accounts of the method of dress and fighting style of the shinobi had culminated to paint a picture of all the nearby cities, it became apparent who the real aggressors were.

The Inner Council of the City of Gin got together then to discuss the next step. Clearly they're soldiers were unable to repel this guerrilla tactic, and they had already suffered heavy casualties of the talent and ruling body of the city. Deciding they had to restort to drastic measures, they sent out a secret summons to any Shinobi willing to defect for money, technology or whatever they could offer. They received a response, but not in the form they expected. The Shinobi Kage was aging and very ill. He appeared in person in crutches with his face covered, and missing one arm and one leg. He explained that he had contracted a rare disease and due to his poor relationship with other shinobi could not pursue them for healing. While they City agreed to help the man, they were skeptical of the training they would receive by such a crippled man.

Kage suprised them. After her had recovered from his disease, he began to work with not the Soldiers of the city but the Scientists. Some of the inventors had even come up with clockwork analogs of human movement, though lifeless dolls they did move just like a human. The scientists had used them to see how dangerous experiments might effect the body. However, Kage had a different use for them. He asked that a clockwork arm and leg be grafted to his body, and once the procedure was done he began to manipulate the wood and metal parts using his own Chi. Kage had become whole again. He was impressed by the enginuity of the inventors of Gin, and endeavored to teach them all he knew about the Shinobi Arts.

The results of Kage's teachings produce the Gin Shinobi. A whole new breed of Shinobi who combine technology with the mystic Shinobi arts. These Shinobi, while talented, are few in number. Due to the relatively recent introduction of the Shinobi Arts to Gin, coupled with the difficult balance of lifestyles between Inventor (or in some cases, subject) and Shinobi, these nin are a phenomenon still on the rise. However, there are few who can question their talents.

Relations with Closest City

The City of Gin was once the pinnacle of technology and success in the east. The spanning city stretched so far that it took days to walk across, but rarely did the citizens have to do so for the various buzzing inventions that took them to all corners of the city. It was an unprecedented time of progress for the people of Gin. The middle class had grown so large that they had taken control of the local government, electing officials for each part of the city to meet in an Inner Council to discuss matters of import. Trade was at an all time high for valuable technology, medicine and other processed resources in return for raw materials and food.

After the repeated Shinobi invasions of Gin, the city has become disheveled. The outer districts of the city or either abandoned or being squatted on as the city struggles to feed and maintain it's people and the business they do. The Glory of Gin has tarnished, and it will be some time before it again sees a golden age. However the remaining populace of Gin whisper about the new 'program' the government has put into effect. Few know for certain exactly what is happening.

Inventors in the City of Gin are held in high esteem, like local heroes among the people. Often they are personaly wealthy, at least by comparison, due to their various inventions. Self made men all, it's expected of them to make public appearances and give back to the city. What most are unaware of is that many of these same people are either harboring Gin Shinobi, making equipment for them or are Gin Shinobi themselves. While the program has only recently begun, the counterintelligence has been very successful. Since the Gin produced their first Genin, the attacks on them have all but ceased. Whether this is due to the Gin being effective Shinobi or an alarmed state at the sudden appearance of a new kind of Shinobi is unknown. Either way, the people's hope of a return to glory have heightened.


The Inventors, and thus Shinobi, of Gin are self made men. They make their victory with their own two hands. As such, competition is often bitter between rivals. The Gin Shinobi are different than most however, often times their most potent weapons are not learned or acquired but fabricated or purchased. While they aren't greedy people by nature, their lives as Shinobi are often dictated by whether they can get that peice of equipment they need or the raw materials to make it.

Rival: If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as rivals. At the end of an incursion, the two rivals compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and give to the member of the two who has more victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable experience between the two parties

Copyright: Gin Shinobi often find themselves in desperate need of a few extra Yen to buy that last gadget they need to pull a victory out of their hat. As such, some have acquired the unique ability to get brilliant new ideas for inventions or even write books based on their experiences. In this way they turn their own experiences into money. At the end of a successful mission, a Gin Shinobi with Copyright can trade the AE awarded for a successful mission for Yen at a rate of 1 Experience per 10 Yen.
Cost: 1000 Avaliable Experience

Program: The Gin Shinobi know that they are behind the game and the best way for them to get caught up is to combine what they know about technology with their understanding as Shinobi. Kage was the first to really show how this was possible, as such many programs are modeled after his breakthrough discovery of powering clockwork machines with Chi. Many have taken up the flag after him, creating unique combinations of Gin technology and Shinobi Arts. For more on the Programs, visit the City of Gin Programs page.

- Enhancement - The enhancement program is a direct response to the events that transpired around Kage. Many of the same inventors who worked on the project of restoring his limbs and mobility also worked on the Enhancement project, and rightly so. There are many inventors and Shinobi, or both, in Gin who have lost a limb while in service to the city. This program not only replaces what they lost, but gives them an extra edge.
Cost: 1000 Avaliable experience

- Alchemy - The study of various alchemical combinations was a practice that far predated the Shinobi in Gin. However as the Inventors combined with Shinobi training, it was only a matter of time before the two were combined with explosive results. Gin Shinobi educated in Potions can make bombs, healing elixirs, stimulants or even acids to burn through locked doors.
Cost: 5000 Avaliable experience, completed Genin Exam

- Rebirth - The Rebirth program takes into consideration all the Gin Shinobi have learned both from Kage's enhancements, their steam powered machines and even the advanced medicine available inside the city. The life of a Gin Shinobi is dangerous, as it is for any Shinobi, but instead of simply accepting that their people will become severly wounded in the field the City of Gin began the Rebirth program. Willing Shinobi who want to continue the fight after greivous injury are permanently fitted into massive steam powered life support tanks complete with massive Enhancement limbs and external weaponry. Due to their state, many have difficulty forming Chi in the same fashion as they must dedicate it to moving but the added benefit of being a two ton walking death machine appeals to many, particularly when they have a score to settle.
Cost: 15000 Avaliable Experience, completed Chuunin Exam

Elemental Chi

Steam was a power understood by the people of Gin. It ran their public transportation, heated their homes and moved their heavy machinery. With pipes and boilers all around them, the people quickly got used to the noise of whipping wind. They are also acutely aware of the power it holds, as a burst pipe can blow holes in walls and even cut furniture in half. After their introduction into the Shinobi arts, it took them a very short amount of time to master Wind as their Chi.

Primary Element: Wind

Wind is the element of discovery. It moves, unhindered through the sky. One moment it can be a gentle breeze, but if contained and refined can turn into a cutting and shearing force. While an aggressive element by nature, wind has more tactical applications than Fire. Wind is excellent for a mid range fighter, someone who has something to hide behind while he uses the element to mince his targets or knock them back and is excellent for destroying barriers created by wood. However, wind users should be wary that wind only causes fire to spread.


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