Shinobi Tactics

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The FAQs of life.

Q: What is Shinobi Tactics?
A: Shinobi Tactics is a massively multiplayer RPG set in a ninja and samurai fictional world. Players will be able to enagage each other and the environment in turn based stealth and combat gameplay.

Q: What kind of MMO is Shinobi Tactics?
A: Shinobi Tactics is a PVE and PVP world, you're free to choose your own level of involvement. Missions will be clearly delineated as to whether they are PVP or PVE.

Q: How much will Shinobi Tactics cost?
A: Shinobi Tactics is free to play, with premium services that can be opt to be bought.

Q: Will there be a guild or clan system?
A: Strictly, no. However, there will be a way to create your own ninja village. While this won't exactly be a Clan or Guild, it will be similar.

Q: When will Shinobi Tactics be released?
A: We're hoping for late 2011, and will post screenshots as we get them.