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History of the Hebi Shinobi

Unlike many of the Shinobi Origins, the Hebi remember their beginning all too well. When the Shinobi village in the Akaishi was destroyed, many surviving shinobi split up to find new homes. While the bulk of the survivors traveleed together the Hebi Shinobi's progenitory, Dokuso saw her opportunity to begin anew. She intentionaly split herself from the evacuating group and found a quiet place in the Hebi Valley to begin anew. There, she spent many years studying the trademark hunters of the Hebi Valley. The Viper and the Tigers were a subject of special interest to her. Both were closer to the ideals of a shinobi than any human had ever acheived. Nearly silent, flawless killers. As she studied, she began to put what she observed into practice. Dokuso had been a spiritual leader of her community, well versed in ninjutsu. Coupled with her years of study, she began to unravel the secrets of the predatorial world.

But it was then, on the crux of her discovery she realized that age had begun to catch up with her. Everything she had learned would be lost if she did not pass it on. The vast underground caverns she had built using her Earth Chi under the Hebi Valley were vacant but for her. She would need students. It was then that she began to sneak into the nearby farm villages, kidnapping children in the darkest hours of the night. Training them in the life of a shinobi. The first generation of her Shinobi weren't told where they come from, but were encouraged to vie for supremacy amongst each other. She taught them the ways of the Shinobi arts, and of Ninjutsu and let them experiment on themselves to get ahead. Her efforts produced three broods of Shinobi who are more than human, and less than human.

In the present day, each brood is led by an Alpha, the strongest among them. When a decision affects all of them, the Alphas fight for dominance. The winner amongst them chooses their course of action. Each individual Shinobi amongst the Hebi respect one another for their individual strengths, but they cannot tolerate weakness. Those who are perceived as weak are shunned and those who prove themselves are given the measure of respect they deserve. While not every Shinobi amongst the Hebi belong to a brood, the ones that do have that extra edge to get ahead. In recent days amongst the Hebi Shinobi, the emergence of the other Villages as mercantile resources have encouraged the Hebi to get out there and prove who the real predators are.

Relations with the Closest City

The smallest of the seven great cities, Kin lies at the dead center of the Hebi Valley. Named for the golden wheat the grows in a long barrier around the city, Kin is a massive farming village. Often trading large bails of food to larger cities who lack the capacity to feed an ever growing population, wealth has come to the Valley at last. The City itself is only just begging to undergo the changes that will make it a sophisticated cityscape, education having only begun to bud there. As the traditional farming life is still valued over the slowly growing middle class, the city of Kin is unlikely to become known for more than the wealth of food it supplies any time soon.

The legends of the Hebi Shinobi are anything but normal inside the city. The populace do not beleive that these walking incarnations of death are human, and who can blame them? While the rationals in the capital city of Gin would be more likely to assert that they are humans who are in costume or using some trick, the deeply spiritual people of Kin have a different beleif. It was said among the people that the spirits of old were that of Animals, who walked the earth and protected the wilds from the interference of man. The Broods among the Hebi are said to be their long forgotten ancestors, come back to remind the humans what happens when they wander too deeply into their territory.

Upon encountering one of the Broods, villagers from the outlying farmlands or city of Kin proper have had startling reactions. Some have run screeming in terror, a prospect many of the Hebi Shinobi are rather happy with. Others offer food or money as tribute to their old gods, some have even built shrines to worship them. Some of the Shinobi are unsure how to feel about this prospect, others revel in it. One thing that the Shinobi do agree on is that they prefer to be thought of as something more than Human amongst the village, as it allows them to continue operating without any interference.


The Hebi Shinobi value strength above all else. To them, the true predator is the one who can win. And while their definition of strong may include the literal definition, that doesn't mean that sneak attacks, poison and ninjutsu doesn't make a strong Shinobi. Missions involving assassinations or eliminating targets are held in especialy high priority amongst the Hebi. As such, many often keep a sort of mental count of each target they eliminate, conversely the punish themselves terribly for those they engage but aren't able to eliminate. It's seen as a failure, which could make them weak. Hebi shinobi keep each other strong by picking others they see at their level and competing with them bitterly in order to prove which of them is superior.

Rival: If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as rivals. At the end of an incursion, the two rivals compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and give to the member of the two who has more victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable experience between the two parties

Predator: During a given incursion the character is awarded 1 extra AE for each opponent they deal the final blow to. Conversely, they also lose one AE for each target they damage but who manages to survive the whole incursion or get away.
Cost: 1000 Avaliable Experience

Brood: The generations of experimentation with Ninjutsu and spirits has caused a curious phenomnenon among the isolated population of the Hebi Shinobi. The Broods are the results of those long years of experiments, creating families of shinobi with unique physical characteristics powered by Chi. These natural hunters have become something of legend amongst the other Shinobi, and many have a terrifying countenance of their own. For more information on Broods visit the Hebi Valley Brood page.

- Tora - The Tora clan takes their traits from an animal of power and grace. The Tigers hidden amongst the grass in Hebi Valley are notorious for jumping out and mauling passing farmers or merchants on the roads. The Tora have taken this spirit to heart, even growing claws with the assistance of Chi. These are proud killers, and amongst the most organized of the Broods in Hebi Valley.
Cost: 1000 Avaliable experience

- Hebiwang - Silent killers all, the Hebiwang Brood have taken their traits after the signature killer amongst the Valley, venemous snakes. Each Hebiwang has a layer of scales over their skin, infused with Chi these scales can be hard enough to protect their bodies from minimal damage or even subtly shift in color. These predators even have their own venom, and are notorious for striking from the shadows before disappearing back into them.
Cost: 5000 Avaliable experience, completed Chuunin exam

- Tane - This enigmatic brood looks no different than any individual person, but the progenitor of the Hebi Shinobi heralded them as the ultimate culmination of her teachings. This evolution of Shinobi have an intimate understanding of the spiritual world, because a part of them exists in it. This ability gives them an unheard of level of understanding of Ninjutsu, as only they can truly understand what the art does. Worse yet, fighting a Tane seems no different than fighting any other Shinobi, until they begin to show their true colors. These are the true predators amongst men.
Cost: 15000 Avaliable experience, completed Jounin Exam

Elemental Chi

The first thing Dokuso had to do before starting her long study of the natural predators in the valley was establish a safe place to hide from the spreading armies of the Seven Cities. Having a natural Earth Chi, she was able to burrow out spanning underground tunnels to hide and travel in. When she began to raise the various broods underground, the soft Earth was all around them. It was no wonder that their Chi began to take on the elements of Earth.

Primary Element: Earth

Earth is the element of stability. With it, one can rip the foundation out from an opponent or steel themselves for a coming attack. While this element isn't the most aggressive there is, it has excellent uses for countering other attacks or temporarily removing opponents from a fight. Unlike some other tactical elements, Earth does have some more combat applications. However, earth users should be wary of wood elements ability to rip through the barriers they put up.


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