Shinobi Tactics

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The History of Shinobi Tactics

Wagakuni was a land of farming villages, disjointed and far from each other. Ironically it was the Merchants that made the Seven Cities aware of each other. Slowly they began to communicate through emisaries or merchants and their awareness of each other grew. Deals were made, long term contracts to exchange food for processed materials or other items began and each city began to take on a unique and distinctive set of services that it offered the other cities. The wealth began to grow, and the Seven Cities became city-states to themselves as they absorbed smaller villages on their periphery to make room for their expansions.

However, as is the nature of people, the Seven Cities began to eye each other's progress and accumulation of wealth. As greed began to fuel aggressive movements among the Seven Cities, the city of Hari ceased their direct dealings with the other cities and used the vast desert to protect themselves from potential attack. Time passed and Hari was forgotten but the Cities that remained in contact grew increasingly wary of each other. Feeling especially vulnerable by being equidistant from all the other cities, it was the city of Menou that began to move first. They signed non-aggression treaties with smaller outlying villages like that of Kin and even secured an Alliance with the city of  Shinju.

That's when one of the cities attacked another for the first time. It was also the first time the strength of the City of Gin was tested. Unfortunetly for the city of Menou, no survivors returned to report what they had encountered at the city. This decisive move kept the other cities from attacking Gin for some time, as rumor spread about the catastrophicaly failed attack. Shinju even broke their treaty with Menou in order to avoid possible retribution by being associated with them.

It was then that odd messages and offers began to appear on the desks and in the homes of whatever ruling party claimed each city. Offers of investigation, of espianage and even of assassination. While no city would admit to taking these offers, all of them did to different degrees. When all of the cities began to feel the sting of the Akaishi Shinobi, they decided that it was the Shinobi themselves who were the threat rather than each other. Six of the Seven cities banded together and looked for the Shinobi, though they had little to go on. Finaly, a scout from Kin discovered a small farming village in the Akaishi mountains. It seemed innocent enough at first, but the scout happened upon training grounds and rusted weapons in the far fields. No one was sure where the village had come from, perhaps it had always been here hiding under the noses of the cities. Others theorized that it was likely a Ronin village. Whatever the truth was, the Akaishi weren't exactly vocal on the issue.

The retaliation was ruthless. Six of the cities descended upon the small village in an unrelenting assault. The soldiers from the City of Gin were particularly fearsome being armed with some of the best equipment technology could produce at the time. But the little village did not roll over. Soldiers were suprised when the ground opened to swallow them up, winds sheared weapons in half and fire burst from these seemingly normal villagers to consume their aggressors. Even the minds of the Soldiers were not safe from the Akaishi Shinobi, as Genjutsu bent their will into fighting each other.

It was only through perseverence and superior numbers that the Seven Cities prevailed. However, unknown to Soldiers nearly ten percent of the Villages population slipped away in the chaos of the fight. This 10 percent went on to form the current shinobi villages, hiding near some of the Seven Cities and in some cases even working with them. But it was the now Capital City of Gin that suffered the most from these budding Shinobi Villages as each country once again offered to pay nearby Shinobi to attack the threatening behemoth of a city. Only after Gin was able to attract a Shinobi of their own, much later, were they able to defend themselves.

Now all of these cities are poised again for war, some working with Shinobi, others plotting to see the events of the village in the Akaishi reoccur. But working with them or not, most agree that the current era will be shaped by the Shinobi of Wagakuni.