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Ninja Origins

Where a particular Shinobi originates from has a lot of implications on his talents, outlook and abilities. There are five major villages, you can read more about them, their motivations and advantages below.

Yuki Pass

The snow capped Yuki Pass lies high in the mountains and is a treacherous road for any who brave it. There, a monastery of Buddhist Monks resides and offers rest to weary travelers who try to move through the pass. These monks can be seen throughout the land, on missions of goodwill, peace and charity. However, the Monastery hides a secret.

Unknown to most is that inside the order in Yuki pass are the Yuki Shinobi. Honed from hundreds of years of practice and experimenting in the Martial Arts, the Shinobi from these snowy mountains are a force to be reckoned with. Driven by a need to seek balance inside and outside from their study if Buddhism, they will take missions only of which they think will cause balance between countries. Of course, they do still get paid. What makes the Yuki Shinobi especially dangerous is because their monks are accepted in every border agents of good will, Yuki shinobi can travel nearly undetected. This allows them to get close enough to show their victims what a hundred years Martial Arts training can produce.

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Switchback Woods

The aptly named Switchback woods are a mess of tangled briers trees and greenery. A very old forest, there are places inside that have been rumored to be in perpetual dark due to the interlocking canopy. The hedge is so thick that it often creates walls, forcing unknowing travelers to take winding paths through thickets and briers. Those who can avoid the forest do so on principle, taking the path that goes for days and days around the Switchback Wood.

Living deep in the heart of the wood are the Switchback Shinobi, masters of Earth Ken. Generations of these Shinobi learn how to tame the dangerous wilds of the Switchback wood and use them to their own advantage, producing long lineages of Ninja families. Notorious for guerrilla tactics, traps and ranged weapons, it was not long before the reputation of the Switchback Wood went from dangerous to deadly. Now, these Shinobi are leaving the forests to take contracts elsewhere, assassinating targets, protecting VIPs and raiding merchant caravans for the honor and prosperity of their Clans.

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Hebi Valley

There are mysterious legends about Hebi Valley. That the old spirits of animals still exist, and walk like men. The endless sea of tall grass in this windy valley separating the tiny farming villages only adds to the eerie feeling in this lonely part of the world. The only stories provided by local residents, travelers and merchants is to stick to the road, never walk into the grass.

The Shinobi of Hebi Valley have lived isolated for a long time. There they studied the true killers amongst us all, nature. Rather than try to overcome nature like the Gin Shinobi or use it to their advantage like the Switchback Shinobi, the Hebi Shinobi try to become closer to nature. In this way, they've gained a talent in Body Ken like no other. But their understanding and control over the human body have led to a strange occurance, some of the Shinobi have begun to act, sound and even look much closer to Natural predators than many are comfortable with. The Shinobi seek to prove themselves now as supperior killers amongst their peers, even taking missions that pay less for the glory and granduer of the hunt.

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The Village of Glass

The shifting sands of the western desert were believed to be abandoned for many generations, despite merchant rumors to the contrary. Much to the public surprise, when explorers were sent to investigate, not only was there life in the desert but a thriving society. Separated for millennia by the spanning dunes, the People of the West have formed a thriving culture in the midst of the harshest climate known. Subsisting on trading the treasures found beneath the sand and thriving in an unforgiving land, the western city of Hari has done more than survive, they relish in the desert sands.

The denizens of the West did not forget their origins in the East however, and unbeknown to most they practiced and perfected their arts until it became a finely honed treasure. The Shinobi from the west reside in the Village of Glass, a specialy made city spun from fire and sand that is nearly invisible from a distance. Here these Shinobi spin mirages in the form of Genjutsu to confuse and disable their opponents. The long years of study have given rise to Schools of specialty inside the village, providing strange alchemical opportunities for new Shinobi tactics. With their recent reintroduction into the east continent, the Glass Shinobi have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. The Glass Shinobi are known to value money, and can be hired for a price.

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Capital City, Gin

The people of the Capital City of Gin were on the brink of something great. It was an unheard of time of education, knowledge and discovery. New technologies allowed a budding middle class to form, while fewer were needed to focus on producing food. The city of Gin became vast, larger than any city before it and spanned as far as the eye could see. But just before the crux of their renaissance, the Shinobi arts suddenly exploded into the mainstream. Suddenly, their inventions were overshadowed by mystical forces beyond their immediate grasp. Their technologies declined in demand, while their scientists who were working on military technologies began to disappear under the assault of foreign Shinobi. That's when it happened. The ruling council of the City of Gin decided that drastic measures had to be taken. They secretly sent out scouts to all corners of the known world, offering money or technology to any Shinobi willing to defect and teach them the ways of the Ninja Arts. One responded, a man who insisted on only being called Kage came back to Gin. He was dying from an illness so severe that several of Kage's limbs had to be replaced. Utlizing the best of their technology, they were able to bring the man back to his fullest, if not better. In return, he kept his promise.

The Shinobi of the Capitcal City Gin are a new breed. Approaching the Ninja Arts with an unheard of scientific scrutiny, they instantly took an affinity for Ninjutsu. Many lack the subtletey of their peers, often employing explosives and heavy technology to aid them but no on can argue with their results. But the life of a Shinobi and the life of an Inventor in Gin are different ones, and few are able to adapt to both lifestyles well enough to be true Gin Shinobi. Several Programs have been initiated inside the city limites for select Shinobi willing to risk dangerous training or physical augmentation to gain an edge. The ones who have are without equal and will fight to ensure the survival of their city and way of life.

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