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History of the Switchback Shinobi

The Switchback Shinobi claim to be the bulk of the survivors from mysterious village in the Akaishi mountains. At least, to other shinobi they claim this. In truth, given the age, organization and location they inhabit it is entierly possible. However, due to the fractured and familial nature of the clans the truth may never be known. Each family has their own interpretation of how they came to know the ninja arts. Some say it was the spirits of the animals of the Switchback wood that taught them, others say it has always been in their blood.

Rather than repeat the same mistake as those who resided in the Akaishi, the Switchback Shinobi have decentralized. Even if someone managed to find one of the very well hidden treetop villages in the switchback woods, and destroyed it, the various other villages would instantly go into hiding. The only way to flush them out would be to burn down the entire Switchback wood, and even then there would be no gurantee.

Each of the villages in the Switchback woods boasts a single elder. When a decision needs to be made on the part of the entire Switchback Shinobi, the Elders accompanied by their apprentices meet in a Summit. There, the Elders discuss the next step for the Shinobi while the apparentices learn the proper ettiquete in dealing with each other family and how to discuss matters of import. The latest Summit yielded the decision that it was time for the Switchback Shinobi to begin seeking their fortune outside of the forest and nearby roads and have begun to advertise their services in more dubious places, taking contracts from far away customers. Unlike many other Shinobi clans, the Switchback do not dress to blend in, but constantly try to remain hidden from sight altogether. Each one covers his face as a symbol of their commitement to concealment and anonymity.

Relations with Closest City

The City of Menou is a popular throughway between the eastern and western lands, and provides an important alternative to using the dangerous Yuki pass to get from east to west. As such, it's often a popular resting stop for merchants or craftsman. Set right upon a river, the city of Menou has enjoyed a great period of prosperity and wealth with the discovery of new lands and the treasures that come from it. Often, merchants from the east only travel just as far as Menou to trade for wares from the west, and vice versa.

The nearby city of Menou refuses to acknowledge the Switchback Shinobi as anything more than pests. They call them thieves and bandits, even on the caution signs that litter the trails closest to the woods. Several movements inside the city council have been made to chase the residents of the nearby woods out, but the public has often been confused when that prospect is turned down.

 The truth of the matter is that it's been attempted already, in secret on several occasions. The most successful of these raids resulted in one of the origional twelve men being found hanging upside down in a snaretrap, with several Kunai lodged in his chest. The man still babbles incoherently about the experience. The words Shadow and Ghost appear often in his ramblings.


The Switchback Shinobi place a high emphasis on family and etiquette. As such, it's not uncommon to find family members or even two members of different families working closely together and planning a mutually beneficial strategy. What matters to these Shinobi almost as much as family, is their perfection of Earth Ken. As such, most consider it not only a personal accomplishment to finish a mission without ever being seen, but many consider it a staple of life among their clan.

Ally:  If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as allies. At the end of an incursion, the two allies compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and given to the member of the two with the lesser victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable between the two parties.

Shadow: For every target that this character eliminates during the course of an incursion who never gains line of sight on the user, this character is awarded 1 extra AE.
Cost: 1000 AE

Family: Family is more than just where you come from to the Switchback, it represents a long linneage of honor and a tradition of strength to be upheld. Each special family inside the switchback offer a set of unique skills and abilities that have been honed, passed down and even bred for over generations. For more on Switchback Families visit the Switchback Families page.

- Ryoushi - This family has perfected the art of trapping, and applied it to the shinobi arts. The Ryoushi have several special traps and are much more talented with the applications of it.
Cost: 1000 AE

- Koga - This family has trained the limbs of their bodies to be easily dislocated. As such, their ability to find and stay in impossible hiding spaces makes them nearly invisible with the right training. Also, their flexible bodies have some resistance to harm and can give them some strange close combat options.
Cost: 5000 AE, Completed Chuunin Exam

- Iga - This family has studied the many poisonous plants and insects that dwell within the forest, having isolated and refined many of those toxins to deadly use. Generations of exposure to those toxins have given the family a limited resistance to any form of toxin they come in contact with.
Cost: 15000 AE, Completed Jounin Exam

Elemental Chi

Even amidst the dense, dark and twisting paths of the Switchback woods, life flourishes. In this case, the trees in particular. More ancient than any man can remember, the behemoth trees of the Switchback woods wait and remember. Their splendor was not lost on the Shinobi who took the same name as the forest. For many years the denizens of the Forest studied the trees, their growth and their life energy, their Chi. There, they made a remarkable discovery.

Primary Element: Wood

Wood is the element of growth. While it never moves at incredible speeds, it will creep along until it finds it's target. What's even more impressive is the very essence of life itself is related to Wood Chi. Used properly, this element can even heal the injured. A defensive Chi by nature, Wood element is often used to create shields or barriers, or bind opponents. While it's possible to use this element aggressively, generally the defensive benefits of it far outweigh the want for aggression.


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