Shinobi Tactics

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To be a Shinobi

There are five major disciplines involved in being a Shinobi. Taijutsu, the art of hand to hand fighting. Earth Ken, the knowledge of how to move hide and use terrain to your advantage. Body Ken, the knowledge of medicines, poisons Chi and how the body functions. Genjutsu, the art of illusion and Ninjutsu, the art of moving Chi.

In Shinobi Tactics you can purchase from all fields, but there are many things to consider. For one, which one to take as your talent field, the field that you gain free skills or techniques in each level. But each Origin has different balances of what techniques are stronger where. Do you take what your origin is best at? It can seem like the obvious choice, but it may be so obvious that your enemies will be ready for what you have to throw at them.

Choose your skills and techniques wisely.

You can find detailed lists of the techniques in each field with the links below.


Taijutsu is the measure of how skilled a shinobi is at close combat. These skills include using Kunai at close range, or larger weapons like Comas or Naginatas. It can even be how to fight without any weapon at all. Close range combatants are easy to play and difficult to get rid of, excellent for beginners. Taijutsu users can be paired with nearly any other focus or combination of focuses as they can both take a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage, but support Shinobi like Body Ken or Genjutsu talented users are often in high demand. The Origin that focuses on Taijutsu the most are the Shinobi from Yuki Pass.

Taijutsu Techniques

Earth Ken

Earth Ken is the ability and knowledge of how to use your surroundings to gain an advantage over your opponents. This field covers hiding, moving quickly, thrown weapons and traps. Shinobi who specialize in Earth Ken make excellent scouts, but that doesn't mean they don't pack a wallop when they fight. These scouts are notorious for finding a good hiding place before releasing a hail of thrown weapons, only to retreat to a neighboring grid and leave traps behind. Earth Ken Shinobi are fairly flexible with who they choose to team up with, they can use the protection of a Taijutsu nin but are just as comfortable being concealed under a Genjutsu technique while they do damage or pairing up with an explosive Ninjutsu specialist to do some heavy damage before retreating. The Shinobi of the Switchback Forest are notorious for their knowledge of Earth Ken.

Earth Ken Techniques

Body Ken

Body Ken is the knowledge of the human body and how it reacts in different circumstances. While it's usually not the most feared of disciplines among the Shinobi Arts, that makes it no less threatening. Shinobi skilled in Body Ken often have an innate understanding of medicine, poisons and the mysterious life force known as Chi. While not the most devastating force on the field, Body Ken Nin can often be a deciding factor in a fight as they heal themselves or allies and poison enemies. Shinobi trained in this art are often best paired with close or long range fighters like those in Taijutsu or Earth Ken. Most are often skilled with Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as well, as they have a natural affinity for Chi. Shinobi from Gin are renown for their knowledge of Body Ken.

Body Ken Techniques


Shinobi skilled in Genjutsu are a menace on the battlefield, but not because they are particularly more damaging or deadly than any other. Shinobi skilled in Genjutsu know how to manipulate the mind and senses of their opponents, filling them with fear or hiding themselves from view. These Shinobi can pinpoint opponents or even groups of opponents and disable them, allowing their allies to mop them up or capture them. Genjutsu, however, takes a long period of time to master properly, so it's a long crawl to the top. However, those who have mastered Genjutsu are unmatched in their ability to control the battlefield by both protecting their allies and detrimenting their enemies, often at the same time. Shinobi who favor Genjutsu are best paired with nin who can do damage or provide support such as Taijutsu Shinobi or Body Ken Shinobi. Shinobi from the Village of Glass are widely rumored to know the secrets of Genjutsu.

Genjutsu Techniques


Ninjutsu are the true Shinobi arts, the stuff legends are made from. Ninjutsu itself is the process by which a nin molds his Chi into a specific form or effect. It may create a shadow of himself, giving him a greater ability to evade attacks, it may allow him to change the way he looks to better aid him in hiding in an area or it may allow him to change the energy into fire before dowsing his opponents in it. Certainly a varied and diverse discipline, and has the potential to do the most damage out of any field. However, it is a difficult path and jutsus themselves take time to execute. Ninjutsu specialists are best paired with someone who can protect them so they have time to dish out the hurt, such as a Taijutsu or Genjutsu specialist.The Shinobi from the Hebi Valley are renown for their ability to use Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu Techniques