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History of the Yuki Shinobi

After the destruction of the village in the Akaishi, Shinobi fled to all corners of the world in order to find solace and practice their art in secret. One found his way to the treacherous Yuki Pass, not far from the slaughter that had occured. Being monks, they gave the man no questions about his past or his crimes or even his name and instead took him in and cared for him. Even when the soldiers of the Great Cities came looking for survivors of the massacre, they shielded him from their investigation and hid him.

Touched, the man felt it was his place to honor the Monks by teaching them how to defend themselves. To his suprise, they were more than capable already. Practicing martial arts for many years out of the site of the world, the Yuki Monks had become a force to be reckoned with. Equally stunned were the monks to fight the stranger, as his strange evasive tactics and ranged style of fighting was something they were unfamiliar with. It was then that the heads of the Temple met together to discuss what should be done, if anything, with these new teachings.

The council came to the conclusion that they could both support the slowly failing monestary and bring balance to the aggressive world they origionaly sought to escape by utalizing both the Shinobi way of life, and the hardy ways of the monks. Their long standing reputation as charitable, peaceful people allowed them full access to public ways and cities that were needed to fulfill their many missions. The stranger died, without ever giving his name, but his legacy amongst the Yuki Shinobi leave on as Yosomono, the Stranger.

Relations with closest City

The closest city to the Yuki Shinobi, Shinju is one of the largest seaside Cities in the known world. Often times it's visited for it's stunning sights and seaside views as it is for the wealth of business that can be found through seaside trade and fishing. The city itself has had peaceful dealings with the Monks in Yuki pass for many years, as the two formed mutually charitable relationship by providing supplies and aid to each other when the need arose.

However, as the city grew large it cared less for the plight of the monks in the high mountain tops. When the Yuki Shinobi first began to appear, it was widely beleived that the Shinobi were impersonating the monks for their ability to walk anywhere without question. However, suspicion slowly is rising over the true identiy of these Shinobi. What's worse, if all of the monks are as strong and highly trained as the Shinobi, the local defense force of Shinju will not be enough to stop them.

Slowly the leaders of the Village are gathering what intelligence they can, plotting their next move. But they don't dare directly go after the monastery, going after the village in the Akaishi was bloody enough with all the cities working together. And the last thing the great ocean city of Shinju wants to do is rouse a sleeping Dragon.


The Yuki Shinobi may not hold to all the values of traditional monks, but they still do spend the majority of their time training inside the temple. In such an isolated area, the best measure a student has as to his progress are his peers. Many of the young students form strong bonds of either alliance, or rivalry. Alliance is often forged when two students find that their talents compliment each other, and attempt to work closely whenever possible. Rivalries are often formed when two students realize that they are close in skill levels and wish to determine once and for all who is better. But these bonds drive students to the next level by perfecting teamwork, or becomming stronger than their rival. Systems are described below.

Ally:  If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as allies. At the end of an incursion, the two allies compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and given to the member of the two with the lesser victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable between the two parties.

If two characters are restarting at the same time, they can opt to choose each other as rivals. At the end of an incursion, the two rivals compare the victories they got for the individual incursion only, the difference between the number of victories is cut in half, rounded down and give to the member of the two who has more victories.
Cost: 1000 avaliable experience between the two parties

Style: With their devotion to the physical strategies of Taijutsu, several different Martial Arts styles unique to the Yuki Shinobi have surfaced. Many of these styles have developed their own impressive Ninjutsu and natural abilities that compliment them. However, only outstanding pupils are allowed the privaledge of learning them from the Masters. For more on the following styles, visit the Yuki Pass Styles page.

-Monkey - Acrobatic and agile, this style combines high speed movements with confusing aerial manuevers to perfectly balance offense and defense while putting their opponents off balance with strange animal gestures. This style also heavily incorporates staff fighting.
Cost: 1000 Avaliable experience

-Panther - Powerful and graceful, this style has often been called a 'true' shinobi art. By focussing high power on precise attacks, Panther style Shinobi can drop an opponent in one hit. This does require them to wait and watch their prey, sometimes in the midst of fighting, but no one can question their results.
Cost: 5000 Avaliable experience, completed Chuunin exam

-Dragon - The pinacle of Chi control combined with body control. Strikes from a dragon user are often aimed at disabling or killing opponents by striking at their joints and vulnerable points in quick succession. Combined with their own form of hard body technique, the very body becomes a living weapon.
Cost: 15000 Avaliable experience, completed Jounin Exam

Elemental Chi

Yuki pass is known to be a treacherous frozen area, caked with snow and ice along every path. But the Yuki Shinobi have been living there for generations and have come to appreciate the beauty that the mountains possess. From snow, to ice to the rare hotsprings hidden in different spots on the mountain range the Yuki Shinobi began to learn that water is a remarkable substance. After long months of experimenting with forming their Chi into the readily avaliable subtance, it began to take on a life of it's own. And as water is readily avaliable in most areas, it became another potent weapon in the Yuki Shinobi arsenol.

Primary Element: Water

Water is the most versatile of the elements of the five. It can be snow, rain, mist, ice, rivers, lakes or whatever else can be thought of. Water is often an excellent receptical for Chi, and it's varying states gives it a wide variety of uses. However, rarely is this an element used for direct combat application. Instead, often it's used to bind, blind, distract or push enemies around. Often it's considered a Tactical element more than an Aggressive one.

Special Techniques

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